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Updated: 1998.08.15

Sensorium projects are developed through a give and take of ideas that defies definition of responsibility realms. Sensorium staff is introduced here with a focus on personal profiles.

ProducerShinichi Takemurais a cultural anthropologist and associate professor at Tohoku University of Arts and Design. He is president of the planning office, Project Taos, sensorium's official base. Yoshiaki Nishimuraresearches the working process via ongoing interviews with creators, in addition to teaching at art college and directing several Web sites. Ichiro Higashiizumiis art director and president of the design office, Higraph, whose scope of work covers ads, CD and book jackets, and posters, along with display and 3D design. Soichi Uedais assistant director of the film "Earth Symphony 3," and a television director. His professional career in film and television began in 1996 before which he worked in planning for an advertising firm. Koichiro Etois an artist with a master's degree from Keio University. Presently at the International Media Lab, he has developed game programs and numerous Internet projects. Yumiko Harukiis a freelance programmer who manages several Web sites, including that of "nmp".* Pamela Virgiliois a 2D/3D designer and Japanese/English translator. She completed her master's degree at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music where she researched the relationship between Japanese architecture and gardens. Tetsuya Ozakiis the former vice editorial director of the magazine "03 TOKYO Calling." He writes, edits, and interviews for several publications and directed a CD-ROM on Kabuki. Hiroyuki Ohnois a professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology with a research lab in the media sciences department.* He is a board member of WIDE Project, and continually running to meetings internal and external. Takuya Shimadais a programmer at GK Tech.* His Web project involvment includes NTT G-card. Suguru Yamaguchiis a musician with the band EXPO, who does soundtracks for commercials, most recently Play Station's "Morikawa-kun 2." He also runs a used record shop in Koenji, Tokyo. Yasushi Watanabeis a writer of various theories on information technology from a cultural perspective.

Short-term working groups are frequently formed for different phases of different sensorium projects.
In addition to the above core staff, key staff members that support sensorium are: Mitsuhiro Miyazaki, Toru Shimizu, Shuichi Ono, Kentaro Tada, H idefumi Watanabe, Dai Maeda, Osamu Nakamura, Tomoaki Sakurai, Nobuhiro Furuse , Koichi Kawamata, Hiroko Kobori, Seiichi Shimizu, Chizuko Sami, Kenji Shida, Kaoru Sekiguchi, Bruce Osborn, Keiko Inoue, Yoriko Nishida, Tetsuya Narita, and KINOCLINIC.


Special thanks to:
Karl Malamud, Teruo Matsudaira, Kazuo Ohno, Keita Takagi, Jun Murai, Joichi Ito, Makoto Niimi, Kazuhiko Nakamura, Kazuhiko Nakamura, Yasushi Togo, Yuichiro Kashiwabara, Toshifumi Saegusa, Shigeo Sugada, Hiroyuki Kitam ura, Jonathon Hagan, Silas Schule, Hiroshi Masuyama, Jun Nakajima, Yoshiro Oshima, Shoko Takemura, Naoto Okude, and Takeshi Tsutsui.

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